About Vulmon Alerts

Vulmon Alerts is Vulmon Project’s second online tool after Vulmon Search. Basically, Vulmon Alerts makes you aware of newly published vulnerabilities that are of interest to you. With this proactive approach, you can apply critical software updates quickly, without having to wait for the results of vulnerability scans. You can get vulnerability notifications through daily emails, real-time slack notifications, RSS feeds, and APIs.

What Problems Does Vulmon Alerts Solve?

Cybersecurity researchers discover dozens of new vulnerabilities every day. There were 17,980 vulnerabilities published on just NVD in 2019. This means that, on average, 50 new vulnerabilities are published daily. In this kind of environment, it is too risky to rely on periodic vulnerability scans.

Vulnerability scanners can only scan assets that they can reach. If a host in your network is not accessible to vulnerability scanners, its vulnerabilities can stay hidden until targeted by an attack. Or, if a vulnerable asset doesn’t have a remote listening service (like a web browser), vulnerability scanners cannot find its vulnerabilities with an unauthenticated scanning.

Even if your vulnerability scanner reaches your vulnerable assets and detects their vulnerabilities successfully, there will be a big delay between the publishing of vulnerabilities and you being notified. First, vulnerability scanner companies need some time to update their tools’ vulnerability databases. Then, you need to update your vulnerability scanner’s database. In addition to these time losses, and since vulnerability scanning is done periodically (usually weekly or monthly), attackers have plenty of time to exploit “new” vulnerabilities.

The Solution Is Vulnerability Intelligence

The problems mentioned above clearly show that an efficient vulnerability assessment process can’t rely on just vulnerability scanning. Proactive vulnerability detection with vulnerability intelligence is also essential for a successful vulnerability assessment process.

How Does Vulmon Alerts Help You?

Vulmon Alerts helps your team stay aware of trends of the vulnerability landscape.

It notifies your corresponding teams when a new vulnerability affecting their stack is published. They can get this information via daily emails, Slack notifications, RSS feeds, and APIs. You can also integrate Vulmon Alerts into your existing software via its API.

Additionally, Vulmon Alerts sends daily trending vulnerability emails. Daily vulnerability trends help you stay up to date on the most significant vulnerabilities. This daily information aids in your decision-making process on vulnerability assessment and on more strategic decisions, like product procurement.

Ask Us Anything

Vulmon Alerts has been developed to make cybersecurity researchers' lives easier. You can ensure Vulmon Alerts fits more of your needs by sharing your problems, the successful aspects of the your project, areas for improvement, features you want to see, and anything else you think of.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.